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11 songs that’ll make you sweat at the gym like a badass ninja

By Maiah Ocando on Tuesday March 6th, 2018

I can’t work out without music. It’s not only a way to boost my drive when I’m sweating, but also a safety device for people to know they should stay away.

That’s why I’m very picky about the kind of music I listen to while I’m doing my thing.

There’s nothing more impersonal and epidemic than Gym’s music.

Normally, it’s just harmless EDM, but frequently it’s a burst of ordinary top 40 tunes, and I can’t stand trying to survive a leg superset while Luis Fonsi sings Despacito.

Music is as important as the right routine or a great pre-workout. It sets up the mood for putting all your focus on burning calories and getting fit.

It’s perfectly ok to play trap, or hip hop or even salsa if that makes you forget about the world and get yourself into ninja mode. That’s the only thing that matters.

If so, I’d love to know your 11 songs so others like you can make a fresh playlist with the music you love.

I’m such a weirdo that I can jump from Foo Fighters to N’Sync. However, since it’s the week of International Women’s Day, I’m all about girl power.

These are my go-to adrenaline music from my favorite badass girls.

I promise you’ll sweat and feel empowered at the same time, even if you’re not a rocker like me.

If so, I know you’ll love me more 😉

Let me know what other songs would you add to this list.



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